ALDI Weener

📍Neue Feldstrasse 4, 268 26 Weener

Complete electrical installation work.

Amazon Rostock 

Construction of a new Amazon distribution centre. The organization of the complex, the construction of subcontractor facilities, the coordination of construction logistics

and the provision of materials and service line connections were performed on the construction site. Our Handymans team performed unpriced interim work.

Lidl Brno

Disassembly and electrical installation work was performed on Lidl's premises.

Amazon Magdeburg

📍 Appendorfer Weg, 39171 Sülzetal

Finishing work and repair work for the Amazon distribution centre in Magdeburg.

Residential complex Prague

In the new residential complex, which is the work of Finnish Investment Group, thanks to which dozens of new flats will be built Prague, we will perform electrical installation work (including garage spaces).


New office space for Metzler Bank in Frankfurt. Here we are performing preparatory and electrical installation work.

Our team of workers performs all preparatory work, including the construction of wooden scaffolding and all electrical installation work.

Sportovní centrum Praha

Project for a new multifunctional sports centre in Prague na Chobotě. We performed electrical installation work for this project.

Monor Hungary

This project was implemented for ČEZ.

We installed solar panels and electrical substations and commissioned them.

Lidl Třebíč 

Disassembly and electrical installation work was performed on Lidl's premises.

Amazon Berlin

New office space for AMAZON in Berlin. We performed electrical installation work.

Our second Handymens team performed all the necessary finishing work, such as the installation of blind systems, furniture installation, connection of electric desks, etc ...

Amazon LUX12

📍 Rue Edward Steichen 28
2540 Luxembourg

Logistics facilities, preparatory work.

Spotify Berlin

📍Mittelstrasse 67, 101 17 Berlin

Finishing work in the building, installation of security lighting, installation of emergency exits, remedy of complete shortcomings.

LUX 14.3, 14.4

📍 Avenue John Fitzgerald Kennedy 40
1855 Luxembourg

Preparatory work from the installation of plasterboard to concrete repair, emergency management and logistics facilities.

Amazon Lucembursko, Lux 18

📍 38 Av. John F. Kennedy, 1855 Luxembourg

Renovation of offices for Amazon. In this project we are performing demolition work, modifications of raised floors, preparatory work for air conditioning and electrical installation work.

We are also preparing reinforced concrete openings for utility networks and other preparatory work.

CT Park Haly

For CTP, we provided complete electrical installation work as a subcontractor to Falco Computer.

We also performed additional preparatory work, namely the laying of cabling for a fire alarm system.

Google Mnichov

Electrical installation work, internal construction logistics.

Porsche Lipsko

Assembly and connection of robots, assembly and connection of a conveyor system.

Amazon LUX 20

📍 Rue Edward Steichen 22
2540 Luxembourg

LUX 21, LUX 21.3

📍 Avenue John Fitzgerald Kennedy 46 1855 Luxembourg

Electrical installation work, internal construction logistics.