We believe that drones and 3D scanning of spaces are the future of visualisations. We offer mapping, photographs and videos, or surveying of commercial and personal spaces.


We use high-performance drones with industrial specifications to conduct challenging surveying work. Drone surveying provides a faster, safer and more cost-effective alternative to conventional methods of visual inspection on scaffolding and in work at heights. This pioneering low-risk surveying method is transforming the sector, and it can also transform your visual inspection needs.

• Building, roof and land surveying
• Commercial roof surveying
• Domestic roof surveying
• Inspection - Whetever you need high-resolution aerial photographs or a specific property or region or an inspection of roof-level defects, our areial inspection services are the solution.

What will you get?

  • easy visualisation/overview of the entire property

  • 90% faster mapping than with the use of manual methods

  • increased safety for land surveyors - drones eliminate all dangers without sacrificing the quality of survey results

  • better images and graphics - the quality of the captured images is also important, especially when project plans are communicated to other parties, such as business partners or clients

3D mapping a virtual platforms

We can create 3D models of any place with Cloud 3.0 from Matterport. Our efficient 3D data platform Matterport and 3D virtual tour will turn any space into an accurate and immersive digital twin.

You can use the 3D virtual tour to create another information channel, such as photographs and links to photographs, videos, and documents. Matterport can create a realistic 3D

and 2D floor plan, and it offers three viewing options, namely a walk, a dollhouse, or a floor plan.

3D virtual tours can take your company to a new dimension!

With a Matterport 3D virtual tour you will get

  • an exclusive presentation of your space

  • more customers who use your services
  • Your premises will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days to show your premises to foreign clients

    one step ahead of your competition

  • prolonged time spent by your clients on your website


How does it work?


We will discuss the possibilities and use of a 3D virtual tour based on your ideas.

Once you approve the price, we'll book a date for scanning your space.


We will scan your space first and then create the final 3D virtual tour with placed information points.

3D mapping

Your 3D tour is ready to be used.

Contact us

Fill in your data and we will get back as soon as possible.

The price of a 3D virtual tour depends on the size of the scanned space.

Write to us and we'll send you a customized price quote within 24 hours.